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About Rustling Meadows Stable

Rustling Meadows is a beautiful combination of open fields, rolling hills, wooded acreage and a stream. Centrally located just 2 miles west of Route 29 North Business Corridor and ½ mile from Albemarle County High School, Jack Jouett Middle School and Mary C. Greer Elementary School.

Image by Raphael Wicker

A Little History 


Sue Albrecht lives her life as a lifelong learner and believes in the power of knowledge for herself and her team. She efferctively directs all operations for a successful design company, Design Environs Co., including space planning, product sales, renovations, and new construction. Her 'No Nonsense' approach to project management ensures a high quality performance through achievement of targeted goals and objectives. 

Sue's childhood was mostly devoid of pets. She observed the power of the relationship with pets through the eyes of her children when they were toddlers. Fueled by the keen desire for animal contact, she signed her two oldest daughters up for horseback riding lessons at the tender age of four and five. It was an instant love affair with the horse and has yet to waiver over the following two decades. Sue fought the fever for a number of years, but eventually succumbed to the passion. Sue plunged into the design and development of Rustling Meadows Stable @ Roslyn Farm. 

This pristine and pastoral property is gracefully divided between open meadows filled with rolling hills and an enchanting hardwood forest. With steeper grades than the meadows, both captivating gifts of nature taper down to a meandering stream forming the eastern property boundary. This stream is a tributary feeding into Ivy Creek, which is a part of the Ivy Creek Natural Park. This property is strategically located on Lambs Road, one half mile North of the Lambs and Hydraulic Road intersection, as well as just two miles from Charlottesville City and less than four miles from University of Virginia. 

"Where Nurture meets Nature"

​The rural attractiveness of Rustling Meadows Stable is further preserved and enhanced by the integrity that horses grazing in the meadows bring to the endearing perspective of this agrarian landscape. It is truly a visual joy to experience as the sun rises, creating a glistening shimmer over the horses' flowing manes and rolling hills. 

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